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Sign up by Friday at noon!  Click here to register!  This class will be held in the Kitchen/fellowship hall of Providence Presbyterian at 3301 34th  Lubbock, TX, right next to Skylights of West Texas.  We are looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

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Free 7 Day Breakfast Meal Plan

It’s time to change breakfast.  I know when most of you out there read this you all cringed or rolled your eyes.  I mean, breakfast is hard.  You are tired, in a hurry, stressed . . . pretty much not an ideal time to cook and not exactly the meal you want to be challenged on.  And sure you’ve heard forEVER how important breakfast is for you.  So, my question is why is this the one meal that everyone still skimps on? Do you not believe the research?  Do you not crash after an hour of eating a bowl of cereal?  If you crash, just imagine how your hard your kids crash at school with a much higher metabolism than you have.  So you need facts?  Well read this, and this and if your still not convinced, this mom has it figured out.  But research alone will not convince you, you must do it and see it with your OWN eyes.

I am about to blow your mind here.  CEREAL IS NOT A GOOD BREAKFAST.  Nope.  Not even Kashi (that was for my sweet friend Lyndi).  It is heavliy processed, full of carbs and sugars and added nutrients (which actually adds another processing step).  As Carrie states here, your body needs protein in the morning.

You can cook a healthy breakfast for your family EVERYDAY in a SHORT amount of time.  It may take you an extra 10 minutes, remember that this precious 10 minutes gives you and your kids hours of better thinking, better focus, better moods and better food choices during the rest of the day.  If teachers are calling you about your child’s behavior or lack of focus, I dare to say a breakfast change may be the answer.

Here are the basics of a good breakfast

1.  Protien ( via eggs, meat)

2.  Good fat ( via nuts, avocado )

3.  good carbs ( veggies, fruit)

Simply4 is starting a 7 day breakfast challenge.  For 7 days commit to no cereal, no pop tarts, no pre-made frozen waffles or pancakes, no donuts and feed your family protein packed REAL food for breakfast.  In 7 days we want you to see the difference in your and your families productivity, energy and mood.  Now, with that said, I will not leave you hanging and lost and wondering how to begin and what to do.  I have made a 7 day breakfast meal plan for you to download complete with daily menus and recipes using some of our favorite and fast breakfast recipes! YOU CAN DO THIS!

To get your free 7 day breakfast meal plan download it here!

7 days.  Thats all.  Come back and tell us how your 7 days went! I think you will find that it really doesn’t take much more time to get a HUGE benefit!